Online Music Planning

At MyDeejay, we strive to be the easiest vendor you'll work with, and one of the ways we do this is by providing our clients with access to our convenient online planning system. When you've engaged MyDeejay for your wedding, you'll receive your unique login credentials for this section of our site, which will enable you to search our music library, submit song requests, create an event timeline and communicate other details directly to your DJ. You can access this system from any computer 24/7, and can return to the system as many times as you like throughout your planning.

Current Clients: Log In to Your Online Planner

Click the button below to access the client area of MyDeejay's online planning system (note: this will open a new window; if you have any trouble click here instead)

Prospective Clients: Browse Our Music Database

If you haven't yet hired MyDeejay but would like to search our song library, you may do so by clicking the button below, which will open a new window linking to our music database. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, the links next to each song title will automatically search for a music sample online. (Note: this database does not include many of the specialized songs we've acquired for clients over the years, particularly international music. Remember, you'll have the opportunity to request as much custom music as you'd like, and we'll gladly purchase any commercially available song that we don't already own!)

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