Site Credits

This version of MyDeejay's website was designed by Jennifer Reitmeyer, who wrote all original copy for the site.

We are grateful for the artistic talent and generosity of a number of professional photographers who provided the beautiful images appearing throughout our site. Banner images (seen at the top of each page) are the copyrighted property of the photographers below, and are used with permission:

Photos in our wedding service gallery, LGBTQ gallery and corporate events gallery are captioned and linked to their respective owners, while our lighting and photobooth images are courtesy of our event partners in those service categories. We appreciate the opportunity to include images from the following professional photographers and companies:

All professional headshots of the MyDeejay team are courtesy of Jennifer Cody at Egomedia Photography. We also thank the following photographers for providing candid, on-site photos of our DJs "in action":

Jennifer McMenamin Photography (Anthony Simpson; Michael Bell)

Tracey Attlee Photography (Brian Jones)

Michelle Deck Photography (Devin Alexander)

Eli Turner Studios (Jon Ryu; Josh Rhett)

Hamilton Photography (Sean Johnson)

Rebecca Watkins Photography (Van Petty)

Finally, it should be noted that all wedding images and videos featured on our blog are the property of their respective owners, the photographers and cinematographers who created them, and are used with permission. All music, video clips and other media are the property of the artists who created them, and no ownership of such is claimed or implied by MyDeejay.