DJ Todd Daniels

Joined MyDeejay: 2012

Birthplace/Hometown:  Chicagoland, IL

Current Residence:  Bowie, MD

College attended:  University of Illinois

Field of study:  History

When I’m not deejaying weddings, I can be found:  Exploring real & imaginary worlds with my wife and daughters, opening young minds to the “coolness” of language arts (one school day at a time), writing/playing songs with my pseudo one-man band looping setup, and constantly striving to be “in the moment.”

My other interests:  Exploring new genres of music, reading, playing the piano as cheap therapy, eating well, pickup soccer or tennis, and laughing until it hurts

Favorite music artists:  The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Talib Kweli & Mos Def, Bill Evans, Louis Armstrong, Jon Brion, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Sam Cooke, Paul Simon, Bon Iver, A Tribe Called Quest, Juanes, Norah Jones, Bonobo, The Meters, Battles, Fela Kuti, The Zombies, Stan Getz, Four Tet, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Django Reinhardt, Kings of Convenience, Girl Talk, Ray Charles, Andrew Bird, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Jorge Ben, Ella Fitzgerald, U2, Vampire Weekend, Elliott Smith.

First dance songs I’m enjoying now:  “Just One Look” (Doris Gray), “Baby I Love You” (Aretha Franklin), “Fool Says” (M. Ward), “That’s All” (sung by Michael Buble), “The Way I Am” (Ingrid Michaelson), “I Could Write a Book” (Harry Connick, Jr.), “Here We Go” (Jon Brion)

Causes/organizations I support:  Room to Read, The Girl Effect, Teach For America, charity:water, Little Kids Rock, Human Rights Campaign

A quote I live by:  “Life’s a buffet…and I’m hungry.”

Best advice I ever received:  “Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now, nor will there ever be…There is no ‘there.’ You are already here. Look around; love it, and live it.”

Seven words that describe me:  Outgoing, energetic, open-minded, dedicated, detail-oriented, creative, communicative.

Five prized possessions I couldn’t live without:  my photo collection of family and friends, a piano (but grab the guitar if there’s a fire), my 30th birthday book from my wife, Spotify mobile, and ketchup.

Something no one would guess by looking at me:  I used to teach swing dancing.

On being a wedding DJ:  “Music is personal. I have long given up thinking otherwise, because there is something so beautiful about allowing someone to share the music they love…the song that reminds them of being young, or of their best friends from college, or ‘the one we used to dance like crazy to in the kitchen,’ or of ‘that time when we were driving home, depressed about ____, and suddenly this song comes out of nowhere and transforms us inexplicably.’ I honestly get shivers just thinking about it, because we all know it, and we all have felt it. And this is why I am truly excited and honored to be a DJ: to work closely with a couple to find these moments and put them in the right place, at the right time.  To watch guests overflow from the dance floor, bringing their own personal moments and attachments to a song. And, of course, maybe the most exciting aspect of all: to create new moments, moments that might be talked about at a packed breakfast table the morning after the wedding, or 40 years in the future, to the eager ears of a grandchild. Music is personal, but it can also connect us. I love that I get the chance to be a part of it all, one song at a time.”