What can I say about working with Jennifer and Daniel?  They were great.  They booked sort of short-term (in February) but since their wedding was on a Monday (Memorial Day) I was still available.  They had their wedding at the beautiful Oxon Hill Manor in Oxon Hill, MD.  The facility is owned and operated by PG County Parks (just like Newton White Mansion) and has an amazing view overlooking the Potomac River and the new National Harbor complex.  If you haven't seen this place, go check it out - it's fantastic. 

The weather was iffy all day, to say the least.  All around the DC metro area, huge thunderstorms were popping up and dumping massive quantities of rain.  It wasn't looking good for their outdoor ceremony but, amazingly, it only drizzled at Oxon Hill for about 10 minutes the entire afternoon and evening.  This was easily the most complicated ceremony setup I've ever done, and I brought Anthony with me to help.  Picture for a moment: a 12-channel mixer, lapel mic for the officiant, handheld wireless mic on a stand for the readers, an acoustic-electric guitar, keyboard, electric violin (which was awesome), and mics for a cello, viola, and two vocalists.  Managing all of the faders at once was definitely a challenge, but everything turned out perfectly.

Their tent on the back patio was spectacular, three sections with a transparent roof.  We were set up on an elevated stage, and Jen and Dan had a lighting company come in and do a custom gobo on the white dancefloor.  The buffet service was inside the mansion, so I used our wireless speaker system to transmit dinner music inside while people stood in line. 

Their guests responded really well to swing and latin music, there were a handful of really good ballroom dancers in attendance.  Everyone seemed like they had a great time, and at the end of the night they did a "grand exit" in the front of the mansion with all of their guests.  This was a very technically challenging wedding, and I was really happy with the way things turned out - thanks so much, Jen and Dan, for including me in your special day!!