So, a month into our new website and blog, I've realized that the backend software we've been using just isn't going to cut it moving forward.  We've decided to move over to an embedded WordPress blog, which will give us a lot more power and easier deliverability.  All of the URLs will stay the same, but you will most likely see some cosmetic changes in this section of the website as we get everything moved over to the new platform. 

The goal is to have this all up and running by the end of this week, barring any unforseen complications.  The only change in terms of usability will be the address of our RSS feed.  Feedburner will continue to display our content as a mirror, but the internal feed seen on the page will change.  So, if you have subscribed to the blog already then you'll need to update your reader's address.  Thanks for your patience in the meantime!