Halloween was more beautiful than scary with the two weddings we deejayed on October 31st, 2009!  Recaps below:

Carla and Marc, 10/31/09 - Westin Hotel, Annapolis, MD

DJ: Jeff Brown

The setting: The dramatic Westin Annapolis, with its contemporary styling.

The first dance: "There is No Greater Love" by Amy Winehouse

An interesting detail: The bride and groom's introductions were accompanied by the "Throne Room Ceremony" song from Star Wars.

A touching moment: The bride's brother delivered a very heartfelt speech, which the bride (and everyone watching) obviously appreciated!

An unexpected surprise: The bride surprised the groom with a very unique cake by Duff Goldman (TV's "Ace of Cakes") -- it was at least two feet high and a perfect model of the AT-AT Walker vehicle from Star Wars! 

Sabine and Jeff, 10/31/09 - Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD

DJ: Anthony Simpson

The setting: The George Peabody Library is one of the most spectacular venues in Baltimore, with its soaring ceilings and classical embellishments.

The first dance: "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel

The music: Lots of oldies, mixed with Latin music for the bride's family and some current hits too.

A special tradition: The bride's family was from Colombia, and enjoyed a special dance called "El Camino de la Vida" by Nueva Generacion.

A touching moment: The bride shared a special dance with her uncle to Heartland's "I Loved Her First," and both were clearly very moved.  It was beautiful to watch.

An unexpected surprise: The groom took the microphone and made a speech to the guests, during which he thanked them for being there for his special day -- then announced that he wanted to recognize a special day for someone else: his sister, who was celebrating her birthday.  Everyone then sang along to "Happy Birthday!"