We've dug deep into our archives today to find the songs our recent clients have used for their father/daughter, mother/son, or combined parent dances at their wedding receptions.  As one might expect, the brides and grooms we've worked with have made some very cool, unique choices -- yet another reason our clients are great to work with!

Parent Dance Songs:


CSN: Teach Your Children Well

[youtube p6pphVs8bF0]


Foo Fighters: Virginia Moon

[youtube IGL-ojxKkTo]


Joni Mitchell: Circle Game

[youtube yR2vGJSX0xo]


Bob Dylan: Forever Young

[youtube Hc-a1kP7ITA]


Frank Sinatra: All the Way

[youtube w2Tef3IEWCM]


Natalie Merchant: Kind and Generous

[youtube rdG618TMc5E]


Jimmy Buffett: Little Miss Magic

[youtube 82QevrgStps]


James Taylor: Sweet Baby James

[youtube 5EoNd_maBbY]


Beach Boys: Surfer Girl

[youtube LhuWooSAiRc]


Paul Simon: Loves Me Like a Rock

[youtube sNWlgg3GN1c]


Black 47: Funky Céili

[youtube GViXO8bZDz8]


Loudon Wainwright: Daughter

[youtube lVam-fshUgw]


Billie Holiday: Our Love is Here to Stay

[youtube XZKfWwEULHQ]


Nickel Creek: When You Come Back Down

[youtube arTtGq-E8Xo]


Alison Krauss: Simple Love

[youtube Os8E_k8FwCY]