We've obvisouly taken a little break from the blog the last few weeks -- we've been working on something really exciting!  Actually, several exciting things, but the most exciting is that we have begun our 2010 Apprenticeship Program for our new DJs starting in 2011!  We dont talk much about our internal training program (at least not publicly), but it's is the entire reason we're able to deliver consistently awesome performances for our clients every weekend.  We're so excited about the new group coming into the program, 2011 is going to be an amazing year with an even more amazing team! So, that's been our main focus the last few weeks... I also wanted to share some upcoming changes to the blog, I think these will be really fun!  Starting in mid-September, we're bringing back the "In the Mix With" series -- interviews with local (and not-so-local) wedding professionals answering deeply personal questions.  And, to top it all off, we're going to debut a new recurring series -- a yet-to-be-cleverly-named "truth squad" style set of posts debunking and demystifying some of the inaccurate (and blatantly misleading) information that engaged couples are now finding on the web.  Should be fun! 

That's all for now!