Couple:  Erin and Ben Wedding Date:  October 10, 2010

DJ:  William Steward

Erin's and Ben's wedding was truly a blast, with one of the most energetic and electric crowds I've had the pleasure to DJ for in a long time.  There were times that everyone was singing so loud and jumping around so much, I thought the floor might cave in!  Being a DJ has to be the most fun job on earth, and to have people enjoying themselves that much made it all the better.

Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding Photos by Mary Kate McKenna

The ceremony and reception were held at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in downtown D.C., with a beautiful view of Meridian Hill Park.  Elegant hardwood floors, warm candlelit lanterns and two fireplaces filled with pillar candles lent a warm and intimate ambiance, while the tables were beautifully appointed with floral centerpieces from Farmhouse Flowers and framed photos from Erin's and Ben's international travels.  Chef Oliver Friendly of Eat & Smile Foods provided a fantastic, local and sustainable menu that was enjoyed by everyone, while his associate Samantha Weigand supplied the whimsical wedding cake topped with Lego people!

Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding DJ - MyDeejay

Erin's and Ben's first dance to Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time" was fun and lively, and accompanied by many of their guests happily singing along.  From there, everyone kept the dance floor packed to everything from classic rock (The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" was a big hit) to 80s rock to current dance.

Josephine Butler Parks Center Wedding Photographer, Mary Kate McKenna

The wedding was full of funny and unique touches, including humorous toasts and a New Year's Eve-style countdown at 10:10pm by Ben, in honor of the date, 10/10/10.

Wedding Josephine Butler Parks Center, DC - Pictures

Many thanks to the talented Mary Kate McKenna for these beautiful images and hilarious video -- they truly depict just how much fun everyone had!  Congratulations to Erin and Ben on their fantastic wedding and many years of joy to come!

Wedding Pictures at Josephine Butler Parks Center in DC