We spend a lot of time reading wedding blogs, and are excited to introduce our new weekly feature: Best of the Blogs!  Read on for links to some of the best blog posts from the past week! Eco Friendly Wedding Venues In The DC Area As a green company ourselves, we loved this post by our friend Katie Martin at Elegance and Simplicity listing some of the eco-friendly wedding venues in the DC area. We thought this would be particularly helpful for couples in search of the perfect wedding venue, even if they aren’t necessarily looking for an eco-friendly one. On that list is The Dumbarton House, The Art Club of Washington, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, The West Lawn at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, The National Cathedral, The Mayflower Hotel, and more. 

Hot Magnets It was no contest that Hot Magnets, presented by The Budget Savvy Bride made it to our list of favorite blog posts.  These cute jewels and flowers can be attached to shoes, the groom’s tux, the bridesmaid’s dresses, or anything you want.  And best of all, you won’t have to poke holes, sew it on, or deal with messy adhesives because each piece will stay put with a magnet backing!  We think this product is amazing and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an easy way to add a little glam!  Thank you, Budget Savvy Bride for sharing these super cool Hot Magnets!

Recycle/Reuse: DIY Drawer Knob Place Cards Another favorite post, which was from 100 Layer Cake about using drawer knobs as place card holders.  Turn the knob upside down on the table, and where that hole is for the screw, place a small dowel rod sporting a name tag.  Then you’ve got yourself a great looking place card setting!  You can find these knobs at flea markets, hardware stores, or anywhere drawer knobs are sold.  Even better, if you know someone who is remodeling their kitchen, maybe you can get them to give you their old knobs (although there probably won’t be enough for all the guests, but it will be a good start, and who says you can’t use more than one kind anyway?)  Also, on that blog entry, check out the template for making little flags for the place cards. 

"Do-able" DIY Photo Walls and Backdrops In this post, Intimate Weddings demonstrates how to create a DIY photo booth.  Painting a wall with chalkboard paint and then allowing guests to decorate it would make for an awesome backdrop for a photo shoot.  Also, using a bed sheet or a large piece of fabric as a backdrop is a great idea.  And best of all, it’s affordable!  Thanks to Intimate Weddings for sharing this wonderful idea with us. 

Plantable Escort Cards or Favors In honor of Earth Day, another favorite post features  plantable escort cards or favors presented by Project Wedding.  There were several eco-friendly ideas for weddings listed in this post, but we felt these plantable wonders deserved plenty of attention.  These paper creations are handmade and have a seed inside each of them so that when they are planted, some kind of flower, herb, or other plant grows.  They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors so they are perfect for any occasion!  Thank you so much, Project Wedding – this is truly a product everyone should know about!

What Is Your History? Sage Wedding Pros had some great advice to share with wedding business owners about the amount of history you should include in your company biography.  Potential clients like to know how you got started in the business, how long you’ve been doing it, and what you did before.  As the Sage Wedding Pros ladies wisely point out, “history makes you interesting."  This post was a great reminder about what makes all of us unique!