Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride? Maybe It’s Because You’re FatPosted by Liene Stevens at ThinkSplendid two weeks ago, Slim-Fast’s recent wedding campaign was not welcomed the way it was envisioned.  Slimfast's insensitive attempt to play on brides' fears gained them quite a bit of bad publicity on Twitter.  Despite Slim-Fast’s apologies and "good intentions", it doesn’t make this wedding campaign go over any better with brides-to-be.  A great piece definitely worth the read, Leine spits the truth better than almost anyone.  Love her!

Love It! Morse Code For Your Maids We really loved these Morse Code necklaces by Coatt for bridesmaids posted by The Bride’s Guide!  They are so pretty and even though there is a message on it, it’s not so obvious that everyone who sees it will be able to decipher it - or even know that there is a message.

Down To The Wire For Unique Handmade Wedding Rings Another great idea, shared by Intimate Weddings, are affordable wedding rings by Down To The Wire.  This jewelry is handmade, beautiful, and some designs are under $100!  What a great way to save money and still get great quality!

DIY Doily Lantern Glamour and Grace posted a fantastic idea on how to create doily lanterns.  These lanterns made out of doilies are easy to make and can be used as centerpiece lights or hanging lights!  This is such a wonderful way to add custom lighting without spending a fortune.

Things I took away from the Royal Wedding There was no hope of ignoring the Royal Wedding last week, and the event has been mentioned at least once on just about every wedding blog on earth.  Our favorite post on William and Kate’s marriage, presented by Courtney at Merriment Events, was the perfect blend on what the author loves, and also ideas for couples planning a wedding of their own.

Social Media Has Blurred Our Online Boundaries… What Happened To Respect? Inspired By This had some great advice to share with wedding industry.  Their post talks about social media etiquette as far as blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.  Discussing what’s rude, what’s not, what’s expected, this blog is definitely a must read for those in the wedding industry.