Perfect PlaceIf you’re having a sit down meal at your wedding, you may need to know how to set the table properly.  While you may already know the basics, it’s quite possible you won’t know where all the different forks, glasses, and plates go.  So we decided it’d be beneficial to include our dear friend Elizabeth Bailey’s diagram of how a proper place setting should look.

Wedding Lawn Games: Cornhole It’s important to think of how your guests will be entertained throughout the events of your wedding day.  A really great idea by Emmaline Bride is to have lawn games prior to the reception.  Particularly if there is more than an hour or two between the ceremony and the reception, this is an excellent way to make sure your guests don’t get bored waiting around for the next event to start.  Emmaline Bride used cornhole as their recommended game, but any lawn game such as ladder ball, horseshoes, or croquet could work too.

Wedding DIY: Calligraphy Stamps Looking for an alternative to writing out each return address for your wedding invitations?  Presented by The Bride’s Guide, these calligraphy stamps by Primele, are a great option.  These stamps will really dress up your wedding invites, and will even last you long after the wedding is over if your address remains the same.

The Royal Wedding: What Does Your Client Want? Now that the Royal Wedding is all over with, there are bound to be many brides in the future requesting that their wedding have elements similar to that of William and Kate’s.  Taking the perspective of those in the wedding business industry, Sage Wedding Pros posted really great advice on how to handle new trends such as this.  Our favorite message from this was to always put the your client's desires before your own - after all, it is their wedding.