Wedding Favors: Charitable DonationsIt’s difficult finding wedding favors that everyone will appreciate.  So why not give a certain amount of money to the charity or charities of your choice?  This great idea was presented by From I Will To I Do a few weeks ago.  Not only will you feel good about making the donation, your guests will love you for saving them from having to wonder what to do with the little plastic birds you picked out.

Saying Goodbye to Traditional Invitations Doesn’t Mean Saying Goodbye to Beautiful Invitations For those who are going for an eco-friendly wedding, Eco-Beautiful Weddings posted these virtual invitations by Paperless Post.  The invitations are interactive with realistic envelopes, creative with several design to choose from, and are sent straight to the recipient’s e-mail inbox.  What a fabulous idea!

DIY Paper Heart Garland Presented by Sparkle & Hay, these decorations are easy to make, very affordable, and super beautiful!  All you need  are paint swatches, a hole punch of any shape you choose (hearts are used in this example) and string.  The final result is paper garland that can be hung wherever you desire!

Six Phrases I’d Like to See Die On the business side of the wedding industry, Liene Stevens at Think Splendid has some commonly heard phrases that wedding business owners should not necessarily incorporate into their business.  For example “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”, doesn’t take into account that those who get the proper amount of sleep get more done in a shorter amount of time. Be sure to check out the other five by following the link above!