THE ‘FIRST LOOK’ ARGUMENT | Editor’s Notes + Photo Evidence | Why I Feel Strongly About Bucking Tradition & Grabbing That Alone Time Before Your Ceremony. Alison at the Knotty Bride is ready for fisticuffs by suggesting it's totally OK (and even awesome) to capture a first look on film before the ceremony begins. Some couples are choosing to break with tradition (with their photographers catching that precious first look before the bride makes her way down the aisle) - and the charming photos of couples who have made this bold choice go pretty far for making Alison's case. {The Quest for Perfection} Letting Go? Chrissy at the Perfect Palette reminds us all that while careful planning is important and there's nothing wrong with personalizing your special day, it's just as important to remember why you're there in the first place: to celebrate your love. Chances are you couldn't control every detail of your relationship and your wedding is no different. Says Chrissy, "Life will go on if your flowers don't match your bridesmaids dresses perfectly." So true!

Sunday Spotlight: A New Kind of Registry The Charity Wedding shares a unique take on the new trend in gift registries: the give back wedding. With so many couples co-habitating before the big day, fewer couples need to stockpile toasters and china and choose instead to request donations be made by family and friends to charity. But for couples who still need a few household items, Seven Hopes United offers the best of both worlds: free trade goods handmade in impoverished or underprivileged nations by true artisans.

Bad Bridesmaid: Bachelorette Brawls and Taffeta Tantrums, What We Go Through For Her Big Day – A Review Intimate Weddings has reviewed Siri Agrell’s new book which highlights the "joys" of being a bridesmaid, including the author's experience of being fired from her post after penning a tell-all column in the National Post about the absurdities of bridesmaidism. We can see how that might not have gone over too well with the bride-to-be.

A Wedding for World’s Most-Pierced Woman We're a little late on this one and it isn't quite in the "best of" category but we couldn't resist sharing it with you. The world's most-pierced woman, 46-year-old Elaine Davidson, married 60-year-old Douglas Watson (who doesn't have a single piercing) in Scotland earlier this month. Just goes to show that love transcends all boundaries, even ones punched through skin by a professional piercer.