Not to Sound Greedy but Some of Our Guests Gave Us $20 gifts. Do We Say Something Or Let It Go? Anne Chertoff kindly tells this "not to sound greedy" couple not to sound so greedy. In other words, there is no set dollar amount required from guests and for some, $20 may be all they can afford. The polite thing to do is to write a thank you note as if they gave $100. Or $1000 if you're really greedy. Be grateful and move on. Super Mario Bros. Wedding Inspiration The Nintendo generation is coming of age, so it's no surprise to see this beautifully styled Super Mario inspired shoot via Green Wedding Shoes.

Go on a Honeymoon Robin at Broke-Ass Bride insists you must go on a honeymoon. Why? Because planning and executing a wedding is hard work and afterward, you deserve a vacation.

A Year Ago Today: The Price Is Right For industry professionals: Sage Wedding Pros brings up a subject no one wants to talk about... pricing. So-called "professional" vendors who undercut their services just to make sales do themselves (and the industry as a whole) no big service. Are you pricing yourself correctly?