NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has wasted no time welcoming gay and lesbian couples from around the country to visit NYC to take advantage of NY state's new same-sex marriage law. And looking at the numbers, this could work out to be big business for state and local governments. According to a recent CNN Money article, New York City is already cooking up a new ad campaign to target LGBT couples:

The soon-to-be-launched ad campaign called ''NYC I Do'' will be put out by the city's tourism agency NYC & Company.

The campaign ''will create hundreds of millions of dollars'' for New York City, said an NYC & Company spokesperson.'s Kathryn Hamm told CNN Money that the sky's the limit when it comes to this wide open market. "It's hard to know how big the market will grow,'' she said. "We just hope that it is as big as some of the projections we have been hearing.''

Those projections include as much as $210 million in three years for city coffer's according to former Comptroller William Thompson and as much as $500 million statewide per a study by NY Senate Democrats.

The Advocate reported earlier this year that the nonprofit Williams Institute estimated the DC area could see $52.2 million in new revenue thanks to LGBT weddings, which were made legal in the District of Columbia in 2010. No one has official numbers to prove this but many DC area wedding vendors and entrepreneurs have told The Washington Post their numbers are up since the decision.

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