It is with much pomp and a heaping helping of circumstance that we not-so-humbly offer to the denizens of earth our new, amazing, earth-shatteringly awesome, mind-expanding, truth-blasting, fib-slaying masterpiece: Behold, the glory of our first eBook, "Don't Hire That DJ - How to Avoid Scams, Scare Tactics, and Sleazy Salespeople on Your Quest for the Perfect Wedding DJ".  I think it's safe to say that we've created the universe's finest e-tome dedicated to finding, interviewing, and hiring a wedding DJ.

Download a free copy, read it, absorb its life-altering truths, and help us spread the word throughout the land (or at least on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ if you're on there) that a new day has dawned -- skeezy shyster DJs should crawl back into the filthy caves they came from.  Share the love!  But use this link please.  Thanks!

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