Furthering our campaign to chase shady DJ companies right off the map to protect the interests of couples who don't know how to defend themselves against these unscrupulous DJs' sketchy tactics, we recently gave Capitol Romance's readers some suggestions for finding a wedding DJ. Apparently our suggestions were so good that we convinced staunchly anti-wedding DJ Bree to change her opinion and warm up to the idea of a DJ. Mission accomplished!

In Capitol Advice: Hiring A DJ, Bree writes:

I am never one to shy away from giving my opinion – and as a staunch fan of hiring a live band for my wedding, I didn’t even consider DJs. However, I know that some people do, and others have some pre-concieved notions about DJs for a wedding.

So for this afternoon, I have some fabulous advice & insight from a professional, for those of you that might be considering the DJ route. Or – maybe even for those that wrote off DJs like me … but should maybe give them a second chance!

You'll have to head to Capitol Romance to read our suggestions. Enjoy!