I blame my fiancee for this engagement photo This Salon piece by writer and soon-to-be new groom Joe Donatelli explains in horrifyingly charming detail how the engagement photo shoot might feel from the groom's perspective. Spoiler alert: while he goes into the experience sickened by the very thought of frolicking through pastures of pinwheels, he comes out of it feeling pretty warn and squishy toward the entire process. {Wedding} Barbie & Ken – 07/2011 This particular photo shoot from French photographer Beatrice de Guigne (shared via Rock n Roll Bride) is probably going to be most appreciated by wedding photographers and other vendors like us who spend more time than we should combing through wedding recaps stuffed with beautifully-staged photos. An awesome concept and perfectly executed from start to finish, don't miss Barbie & Ken's real wedding.

Making Thank-You-Note Writing Tolerable Let's be honest, many of us were not raised with the kind of manners that might make writing thank you note after thank you note an enjoyable experience. Even if you do have the manners, it probably still isn't fun. Here are some useful suggestions for getting through it.

Affordable Wedding Video | Storymix Media The Wedding Chicks are running a contest with Storymix, head over to WC for contest details and do it before August 19th or you'll miss out. For couples who might otherwise not have any interest in capturing their wedding on video, Storymix offers a sweet alternative. Check it out!