Of them, the raw bar, surf and turf and - close your eyes, Marylanders, you may not want to read this one - crab cakes. First, before we delve any further into this, it's important to note that we feel that couples should be allowed to choose whatever they want, be that mashed potatoes in martini glasses or filet mignon with a big fat lobster tail on the side. It is not for any one person (or entire publication) to tell a couple what is passé for their own special day, as that one wedding has not happened yet, even if thousands with similar menus or details have happened to date.

That being said, by the time the end of wedding season rolls around, we see how some of these can get old.

Bon Appétit's list as follows:

1. Raw Bar 2. Shrimp Cocktail 3. Crab Cakes 4. Bruschetta 5. Sliders 6. Crudité Platters With Ranch Dip 7. Cubed Cheese and Crackers 8. Chicken Marsala 9. Surf and Turf 10. Carving Stations 11. Things (Other than Martinis) in Martini Glasses 12. Steamed Vegetable Medley 13. Fake Cake 14. Chocolate Fountains 15. Fruit Kabob Centerpieces 16. Cheap Wine

We're happy to see cupcakes didn't make this list because, let's face it, while they may be getting a little old they are still awesome and probably always will be.

What do you think of this list? Any foods you'd like to never see at another wedding ever again? Do you think Bon Appétit crossed the line with any of their choices?