If you're just starting out in wedding planning and not at all sure which colors you're going to make your own, may we offer a few suggestions?

While the obvious place to start would be Pinterest or any number of wedding-centric planning websites, you can easily find inspiration in unlikely places too. Go grab your soon-to-be and try these five suggestions; we bet you have your wedding colors completely planned by the time you're done checking them out.

ColourLovers: You could spend days cruising this fantastic design blog and still never get through the entire thing. Check out Color Inspiration from the Masters of Painting to see palettes based on world famous works of art like The Mona Lisa and Persistence of Memory, or browse other palettes for even more color ideas. Bonus: their trends section dissects what's hot this minute.

Color Hunter: This site is very similar to ColourLovers except you can pull hexadecimal hues from any existing image, either something you've stumbled across online or a picture of your own. So let's say you come across an awesome palette another couple has used. Instead of pinning it to an inspiration board, try plugging it into the tool to get the exact colors that make it up. You can create an account to save palettes based on other folks' images and even random Flickr pics.

I Like Your Colors: Maybe you're a Facebook addict looking to integrate their familiar blue into your color scheme or a web developer who wants to borrow the palette of one of your own online designs. This tool will allow you to extract hex format color values from any website by plugging in the URL. We're especially fond of #BED333 on the MyDeejay website, apparently.

Color H: When you first land on this website, you'll be presented with a blank but colorful screen that allows you to mouse over through the entire hexadecimal spectrum. If you find a color you like, just click to be taken to that color's page, which includes its complementary color (as in opposite hue, not most likely to match) and gradient colors if you're going for the hot ombré look.

Home improvement stores: Lastly, if you're tired of being glued to the computer trying to track down your wedding day color palette, hit any place that sells paint. Maybe a day at Home Depot isn't quite penciled into your extensive wedding planning to-do list but if you've ever painted your house, you already know that paint chips are great for inspiration. The great part about choosing a few in the wedding planning process is that A) they are usually free to take and B) you can bring the exact color(s) you like to your vendors. This is way easier than explaining a particular shade of purple you're in love with.