pic credit: Regal Ribbons via Flickr

Warning: this post is not going to be about normal, traditional wedding favors and gifts for your wedding party. If you are looking for those, we're pretty sure you know where to find inspiration, but want you to be sure you know it isn't going to be in this post. We have nothing against tradition, but for those of you out there looking for quirky, unique and completely different ideas, you've arrived at the right post.

Now, are we ready to poke around the Internets for some weird favor and gift ideas for unconventional couples? Good, let's roll!

You could spend hours upon hours checking out the crazy finds collected over at Rare Bird Finds and end up finding your favors, decor for your home, a present for your sweetie and maybe even an off-kilter gift for a stuffy family member (or at least a hip niece or nephew). Some of our favorite items are the BBQ Rockin' Fork, the Vintage Hand-Stamped Stinky Cheese Marker (this might actually make an awesome gift for a new couple) and the Super Fiesta Taco Soap (Chipotle Salsa Scented). Told you they had some weird stuff.

Girlz Lyfe is definitely going to appeal to both the young and young-at-heart. With everything from cute cupcake buttons to heart-shaped molds to make I Love You eggs, this site has tons of stuff at reasonable prices. The cassette tape necklace would be a perfect giveaway to your audiophile friends, and at about $10 a pop, won't break the bank. Plus with flat $7.95 shipping, you can load up on toys, er, gifts and save on shipping costs.

Busy Beaver Button Co. makes custom buttons right here in America (Chicago, to be exact) and will even help you with your design if you're not the creative type. With a minimum order of 50, you don't have to buy a ton you won't need. There are several sizes and shapes to choose from, so you can get your monogram, initials, wedding date, first dance song or even a photo of yourselves immortalized forever.

Oriental Trading Company is more than just a favorite of teachers and parents for cheap crafts and party pieces. Whether you're after favor boxes, discount bling for your reception tables, or bubbles to hand out for your grand exit, you're going to have plenty to pick from on this site. Check out their wedding section for cheap tissues, tealight holders and fans or browse the entire site for rubber ducks, noisemakers and glow sticks. If you're allowing children at your wedding, definitely check them out for some ideas to keep the kids busy during your ceremony.

Have you thought about handing out USB flash drives to each of your guests packed with photos of you two as kids, a copy of your fantastic wedding playlist, digital copies of your carefully executed stationery or the slideshow you ran during dinner? While we can't guarantee your guests will read-write protect your precious memories forever, giving them a USB drive they can use later means they'll probably take your favor home. And actually use it. WebUrbanist has some great, somewhat bizarre options. Or check out USBgeek for even more designs.

Have fun!