Register for a Late-in-Life Wedding Let's be real about it, not every couple getting married is in their early 20s. The brilliant Wedding Aces have some registry ideas for older couples that might already have everything they need worth checking out. My Grandmother Said She’d Buy Me My Wedding Dress and Then Gave Me $200. Can I Tell Her the Dress I Want Costs More? Whoa. How do you politely tell Grandma that nowadays, dresses cost a smidge more than $200? Anne Chertoff has some suggestions.

How to Use Wax Seals Emmaline Bride has a very cool, very extensive post all about wax seals. If that's your thing, be sure to click over and check it out!

My Wedding Favors Giveaway Like free stuff? So do we! Head over to Love and Lavender for the details, and you could win free wedding favors. Awesome!