If it weren't a Friday, 11/11/11 might be the most popular wedding date this year (sorry, Saturday 9/10/11 has it beat). If you have been procrastinating, or are just looking to get married here and now without the stress of tracking down an amazing venue, great food and an officiant, boy have we got a deal for you. Due to an unforeseen opening on 11/11/11, the Hotel Monaco Alexandria is offering the deal of a lifetime for one lucky Washington-area couple. For just $111 per person, you will receive a half-hour ceremony with an officiant, a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres and drinks, a signature cocktail at the bar, a plated dinner, a four-hour open bar, a dance floor, a bridal suite for the wedding night, and a special room rate for guests of $111 on Friday night. Can anyone out there name a better deal than that in this city?! I didn't think so.

All they'll need is a DJ! (call us, lucky couple)

If you are interested in capitalizing on this incredible deal, contact Allison Manning at allison.manning@kimptonhotels.com or give her a call at 703-519-6850. If you are not familiar with Hotel Monaco, check out their website here.

Good luck!