I saw this post about "Bucking the Wedding DJ" about a year ago and didn't respond, but I decided to do so today. I have no idea if they'll actually approve my response, but I thought it might be useful, so here it is: "Since you quote my website at the top of this post, I wanted to share my thoughts from a slightly different perspective.

Hiring a professional wedding vendor for any service at a wedding is obviously a choice – every weekend thousands upon thousands of couples across the nation DIY practically every aspect of their weddings. You don’t HAVE to hire a professional to do anything for your wedding, really… You can host it yourself, cater it yourself, have your friends email you the photos they took, use an iPod, bake your own cake, make your own favors, and sew your own dress if you felt like it. Some people just don’t feel comfortable doing everything themselves, or feel that certain aspects of their wedding are important enough to them to hire a professional.

What I have a problem with, and this speaks more to the tone of this entire blog, is vilifying professional wedding vendors for providing services to couples who choose to hire them. The fact of the matter is that there ARE great photographers, great DJs, and great caterers available if a couple wants them. If they don’t, that’s fine too. If you look at national statistics on sites like http://www.theweddingreport.com, it’s obvious that the vast majority of weddings are taking place in backyards and community halls instead of swanky hotels and historic venues.

That doesn’t mean that a couple having their wedding at a historic mansion with professional vendors are somehow suckers, they just have different expectations for their wedding than the folks having a backyard barbecue. Wedding vendors don’t sit around lamenting the fact that some people choose to have a backyard wedding with no professional vendors, and I don’t understand why it seems like so many posts on this blog are centered around destroying some mythological monster called the Wedding Industry. It’s not a hostage crisis, for crying out loud.

I agree that there are terrible wedding DJs, we hear horror stories about them almost every day from the couples who contact us and the vendors we work with. That’s part of the reason that couples hire a company like ours – they feel like their wedding music is important enough to be done right, by a professional. Some couples don’t feel that way, and that’s perfectly fine – it’s not like something we say is going to make them start valuing their wedding music more. I don’t think, however, that it’s fair to paint every wedding DJ with the same brush. Not all wedding DJs are cheesy, and some of us even take the music our clients ask for and turn it into a fun, well-mixed and cheese-free celebration.

Is a professional DJ for everyone? No, of course not. I saw a guy yesterday who clearly painted his own car with spray paint. It’s not what I would do, but hey – it’s a free country and it’s his car. I feel the same way about iPod weddings, it’s not what I would do… but it’s their wedding. No industry-slaying necessary.

- Evan Reitmeyer, President MyDeejay, Inc."

I guess I just don't understand why blogs like this feel the need to justify DIY as some sort of crusade against wedding professionals. It's not like the wedding industry is controlled by mega-corporations... It's almost all small (mostly very small) businesses helping couples have a great wedding.