Snow Weddings In October You know, if we hadn't seen the snow this past weekend with our own eyes, we wouldn't have believed Holly Chapple and her team's story of snowy October weddings. Alas, it happened. The best part is that they still delivered for their brides (as we knew they would). Simple Tips To A Great First Dance Feeling a bit self-conscious about being able to gracefully slide across the dance floor with your new happily-ever-after? Eco & Elsie share a few simple tips for mastering the first dance.

The {must have} Post Wedding Check-list! If you're still in the wedding planning stage, the post I Do might seem like a million years away but at some point, you're going to be married. And you're going to have a few things to do. Check out this excellent post-wedding checklist for tips on what to do once you've done the I Do's.

10 Wedding Website Tips While we're looking at lists, how about this handy list of ten things you definitely want to include on your personalized wedding website for your guests?