Oh my. It's hard for us to keep up with all the fantastic Washington DC weddings we get to be a part of, mostly because there are so many good ones. Our clients seem to have a knack for choosing great photographers (or maybe we are just blessed to have so many great photographers in the area!), which means we are lucky enough to get to spend our days combing through awesome shots of our clients and their guests having the time of their lives. In this case, Mandy and Spencer's Arts Club wedding was so swoon-worthy that we wasted an entire hour of company time staring at it had to spend a good chunk of time staring at it despite having other, non-Mandy and Spencer related items on our to-do list at the time.

All photos courtesy James Reyes Photography. If you haven't seen James' work, we'll pardon you from this blog post for a moment so you can go check it out. Seriously. Do it now.

See what we mean?

We'd also like to thank the friendly folks at The Arts Club of Washington for taking such good care of Van, who loved spinning this wedding! He was especially impressed by the impromptu hora kicked off by the best man, which somehow turned into the boys doing a ska skank around the center of the circle. Talk about a unique take on an old tradition, we're pretty sure that's the only ska hora ever done in the history of horas.

See, we kind of knew Mandy and Spencer's wedding would be special. After all, this is the couple who featured a banana costume in their engagement shoot (yes, a banana costume).

Clash fans that they are, Mandy and Spencer chose a nice mix of jazz for cocktails, soul for dinner and rock, punk and pop for reception dancing. Almost all of their major songs like processional, recessional and last dance kept with the rock theme (naturally).

It is likely impossible that these two could be any cuter.

You can NEVER go wrong with candy. Ever.

Our dear Van Petty doing what he does best!

The newlyweds shared their first dance to "Don't Forget Me" by Neko Case.

First of all, how awesome is Mandy's dress? More importantly, how awesome is the expression on her face?! LOVE.

Congratulations, you two!

If you're dying to see more, head over to James Reyes Photography.