As of today, we're instituting a new weekly feature that will highlight one recent indie track we just can't get enough of. Keep in mind by "we," I mean "me" for purposes of clarity. Except this time, I do actually mean "we" since our own Brian Jones agrees this song is pretty amazing and I trust his opinion when it comes to indie music. Alligator Indian is a self-described psychedelic crust-wave dreamcore avant-country&western garage pop experimental punk band from Asheville, NC (maybe that's why Brian digs them). You can follow them on Twitter @alligatorindian.

Keep in mind while this song would fit fantastically in a nice indie cocktail hour set, we suggest leaving it out of any first dances. With lyrics like "The promise of satin sheets/Her blood is spilled all over/He wipes his blade, and sings her off to sleep," it's probably not the romantic track you want for your first dance. Still, it rules.