Now, before we get into these unofficial "awards," we want to make something very clear: we adore each and every one of our couples, and every wedding has a special flavor that can never be recreated. Unfortunately, not all of our amazing weddings are thoroughly photographed, blogged about, or featured on big-time wedding sites like Style Me Pretty so, sadly, some of our best weddings from 2011 are absent from this list. Now that we got that out of the way, here are some of our favorites from 2011. We couldn't have had such an epic, butt-kicking year without our wonderful clients and the talented vendors we've had the pleasure of working with this year, so THANK YOU. We cannot wait to kick off 2012 with a bang, and look forward to a year filled with fun, amazing playlists and awesome clients!

Now, let's look back on some of our best weddings in 2011!

Hardest Partying Father of the Bride On the surface, Jenna and Mike's Naval Academy wedding was elegant, classic and sophisticated. But once the ceremony wrapped, the real party kicked off. With a fake Lombardi trophy, keg stands and a paper plane send-off, this reception tops the list for most off-the-hook party of the year. Jenna's dad and his friends are officially invited to every party we throw from here until eternity.

pic credit: David Spence via Amy Raab

Most Beautiful Pair of Bridal Gowns It's hard enough finding a single wedding gown, can you imagine how difficult it is to find two, and two that match one another at that? Somehow Tiffany and Meredith pulled it off.

pic credit: Michelle Frankfurter

Most Touching Ceremony Moment We don't need to explain why Chris and Ashley's tender moment at the altar is so moving that it won out as most touching ceremony moment this year.

pic credit: Cynthia Kirsch

Most Colorful Washington DC Wedding Brian and Shruti's wedding at the Washington Marriott early this year combined her Indian heritage with standards like 80s and Top 40 to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all.

pic credit: Erin Scott

Most Fitting First Dance Song Brooke and Frank were married at Brooke's parents' farm back in June. Horses from neighboring farms joined in the celebration, lining the fences to witness the day! So it was only fitting then that Brooke and Frank shared their first dance to Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" - perfect!

pic credit: Amy Raab

Best Use of Stormy Weather Sarah and Michael weren't going to let a little stormy weather ruin their patriotic-themed July wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. In fact, their photographer made the most of it by capturing this stunning shot along the water.

pic credit: Mike Busada

Honorable mentions

We asked our DJs to recall some of their favorite wedding moments from 2011, here's what the boys had to say:

Anthony Simpson: "A couple married at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC back in April had a really creative first dance song - Magnetic Fields' "Book of Love" - and chose a unique indie playlist for cocktail hour. They didn't pick many songs for dancing, which gave me a lot of room to get creative myself and keep the dance floor packed all night! Then there were the dual Hindu/Christian ceremonies at the Ronald Reagan Building which were fun - pretty hard to beat riding in on a horse - and a James Bond-themed wedding I did at the National Press Club which was also really unique. It's hard to pick, there were so many great weddings this year!" Brian Jones: "A bride secretly took a year of private voice lessons so that she could surprise her husband by singing a song for him in front of everyone at their wedding. It was awesome. He's a musician and would always sing for her and write her songs, but she could never repay the act because she considered herself tone-deaf. She nailed the song, though, and there really wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. The song was "Book of Love" by Magnetic Zeros. She even added a custom verse. Epic." Michael Bell: "A wedding I did at the Newseum in July had both the best food - catered by Wolfgang Puck - and vows. They wrote their own vows for the ceremony that was on the terrace of the 8th floor with the Capitol in the background. In my line of work, I hear a lot of ceremonies but their vows were so good, it gave me goosebumps. Then there was a wedding in October; they had a pinata full of airline-sized bottles of booze, candy and lottery tickets! It was pretty awesome."

William Steward: "I did a wedding at 2941 Restaurant that did not include your typical bridal party introductions. The bride's friend - who flew in from Pakistan to do all their announcements at the wedding - introduced the bride and groom, but only the groom walked out to the applause of the crowd. The bride's friend asked "where is the bride?" Just then, I turned on the music, Bad Romance by Lady GaGa. The bride and 4 dancers came out and performed choreographed dance routine while the groom sat and watched. He liked it so much that he got up and joined in the choreographed dance routine. He was part of the routine and had obviously practiced with the bride and the other dancers. It was AWESOME!!!"

Happy New Year, all!