Kimberly Miller of Leaflet PR has provided some really helpful tips for couples in the process of putting together their wedding website in her recent HuffPo Weddings post - and with the holidays fast approaching, this information might help those of you expecting a sparkly surprise from your significant other. We aren't all web developers, and it isn't expected that your wedding website will be the flashiest, most perfectly put-together piece of Internet real estate ever. That being said, it's helpful to your guests if you can remember just a few simple points, according to Kimberly.

First, an easy, memorable URL. If you are unable to secure, you can use a URL shortener like to print your site on your save the dates or invitations.

Second, venue information. This part is really important because, well, if your guests don't know where your wedding is or how to get there, they can't show up to celebrate with you. Consider including a Google map (easy to embed), a phone number for the venue, and the ceremony start time.

Have you considered posting your proposal story on your wedding website? That's a fun way to involve your guests in the story of your love ahead of your actual wedding.

The final suggestion we'll share is that you list your vendors (with links back to their sites!) to show off who you can't wait to work with. Of course, we're a little biased when it comes to this point but still, it's a cute idea.

One Weddingbee bride offered an additional suggestion that we love, creating a special space on your wedding page to allow guests to submit music requests. If you're open to requests, this is a great way to give your guests what they want and allow them a little influence on the soundtrack to your special day.

Check out Kimberly's post for more wedding website ideas. Enjoy!