pic credit: Keith Williamson via Flickr

Alright, so you probably don't equate December with the perfect time to book your major wedding vendors, what with holiday planning, parties, shopping and baking likely already cluttering up your to-do list. If you've taken a break from wedding planning, allow us to explain why now is the perfect time to book your vendors for next year.

First, this time of year (specifically, November and December) accounts for 25% of all marriage proposals. That means if you wait until January to start booking your big vendors for your summer or fall wedding, you may get beat out on your first choices by newly-engaged couples excited to kick off their own planning.

Now, it helps to keep in mind that for some of your vendors like florists, cake bakers and invitation designers, you have a bit more time and flexibility as these vendors can accommodate more than one couple on any given day. But for your photographer, videographer, DJ and/or live musicians and officiant, they will likely only be able to cover a single wedding in one day, meaning you want to get in as early as possible to ensure your first choice of vendors!

January is a hugely busy month for the wedding industry for several reasons: lots of couples get engaged over the holidays and then start planning in January; many couples who have been engaged for a while but have been delaying making decisions suddenly get back into planning once the New Year rolls around; and there are a ton of bridal shows and open houses in January, along with the release of several bridal publications like Washingtonian Bride & Groom (which hits stands tomorrow!), so vendors see a huge upswing in business. A company that exhibits at bridal shows can see anywhere from 75-400 new inquiries in January and February alone.

The other advantage to booking your vendors now (besides the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're that much closer to wrapping up your planning) is that you can often take advantage of current year pricing before prices go up after January 1st. Not all vendors do this but given our uncertain economic future, it's a good idea to plan as if they will and lock in the current rate.

If you're still in the process of searching for a wedding DJ and want to get a jump on the rush of couples that will be pounding down our doors in the weeks ahead, contact us to discuss your vision for the soundtrack to your day.

Happy hunting out there, brides and grooms-to-be!