Hopefully you had a chance to check out Jennifer's recent post on why you need a wedding planner with advice from some of the DC metro's finest wedding planners but if you've done so and still feel like you want to do some of your own planning dirty work, here are some awesome ways to keep organized. I'll note here that some of these ideas came straight from some of our amazing clients! Make a spreadsheet For some, life simply cannot occur without an accompanying spreadsheet. If spreadsheets are your thing, here's a great example of a vendor spreadsheet provided to one of our couples by Buddee Clinton at Hotel Monaco DC. This is incredibly helpful not only to the couple but to the other vendors as the couple can simply provide each of them with a copy so they know who they are working with and can easily reach out to communicate with those vendors to ensure a seamlessly smooth wedding day. If you do not have a wedding planner, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is spend time searching your smartphone for contact information if a vendor happens to not show up (God forbid but stranger things have happened).

It wouldn't be a bad idea to also include maid of honor and best man cell phone numbers just in case someone needs to grab the couple for cake cutting but can't be found anywhere.

A wedding website Wait, before you sneer at me and tell me that you already know a wedding website is a great way to provide your guests with all the info they need to make it to your wedding, hear me out. I'm talking about this wedding website specifically. Our clients Ashleigh and Terry have gone out of their way to create a wedding website that not only shares the experience of preparing for a wedding from their perspective in blog style but allows their guests to actually have a say in their wedding!

If there is one specific type of couple we never get tired of working with, it is one who truly appreciates the value of wedding entertainment. You know, people who get excited about music (because we do too!). So when Ashleigh and Terry approached Evan to write up a little something to their guests on their wedding website, he was thrilled to be a part of it! In the post, Evan asks their guests to dig deep and come up with some music ideas that truly capture Ashleigh and Terry, their relationship, their love and their inner awesomeness. This is a super creative way to get your guests involved and we hope to see more of our couples following Ashleigh and Terry's lead.

Go old school with a planning binder Believe it or not, there are people out there who prefer good old pen and paper to the digital wonderland. Google docs, spreadsheets and wedding websites are awesome but some couples can really benefit from taking a break from the visual Pinterest assault in favor of the trusty wedding binder. In the days before Style Me Pretty, Tumblr and The Knot, this was how almost every soon-to-be-married couple did it. This way, every single piece of paper relating to your wedding has its place, and can be easily accessed if you need it. If you've somehow held on to your Trapper Keeper from middle school, now would be a great time to pull it out of storage.

Tumblr If you are just beginning your search for vendors, consider using a blogging service like Tumblr to keep track of who you are talking to. We've seen couples share a Tumblr account and keep track of vendors they have talked to and even scored them on a scale of 1 - 10. When two busy people are planning a wedding, this is an excellent way to keep everything organized in one place for your eyes only. Each vendor area such as music, venue, catering and flowers can have its own entry.

Grab your tablet! There are tons of organization apps out there for brides and grooms to be, here are just a few suggestions from the Wall Street Journal. This app also gets great reviews in the App store for being hyper-organized. If you're the type who is never without your iPhone, having everything from budget to guest list to RSVPs in one place might be just what you need.

As great as all these options can be for the do-it-yourself couple, remember that the best way to stay organized is to hire someone talented to do it for you! If you're looking for a wedding planner, go check out some of the friendly faces on our last blog post about hiring a wedding planner!

We'd love to hear creative ways you are keeping organized during wedding planning, let us know what's worked for you in the comments!