Table Top Treats from Mateus Who else has a "Pinterest house" way cooler than their actual house? Oh, we feel Rock n' Roll Bride's pain. That being said, these are some pretty cool ceramic pieces (pin away, people!). A tropical wedding bouquet Speaking of Pinterest, I pinned this bouquet the other day as I've never seen anything like it and thought you all might enjoy it too.

Couture Bridal Sketches - love this! For some brides, finding the perfect dress is more about fit and style than it is about the fashion behind it. But for others, a couture bridal sketch might be the perfect way to immortalize their bridal fashion sense for life! Check out the link to find out how to get your own!

Laura Shoop Photoshops Father Into Brother's Wedding Pictures (PHOTOS) In what could be one of the most touching wedding stories we've read in awhile, one groom's sister decided to Photoshop their dad into the groom's wedding photos after Dad came down with a serious illness that kept him from the wedding. Since Dad in a tux would have been pretty generic, Sis instead plopped photos of their dad in sombreros, inflatable pools and full hunting camo into the photos. Pretty much the coolest wedding gift ever if you ask us.