This track is Kobie-approved! Woof!

Starting this week, we're implementing a hot new feature here on the MyDeejay blog and it's totally fitting considering how much we all love music. Hopefully you all love these tracks as much as our DJs do!

Each week, we'll feature a track new or old that one of our DJs is grooving on lately. This might be something they've just discovered or an old favorite that is in heavy rotation on their iPods. Not only will you discover new music but you'll have the chance to get to know the musical soul of our talented team! While these aren't meant as suggestions for wedding music, we hope you'll enjoy hearing what our DJs listen to when they aren't spinning weddings and corporate events!

Our inaugural track comes from Sean Johnson. If you haven't met Sean yet, he's one of the newest members of our team but joins us with a stellar reputation in the Baltimore music scene and is known for being an all-around nice guy! A military veteran and Towson grad with an infectious smile, Sean brings both the expertise needed to mix good music and the discipline our clients need to ensure their wedding music is flawlessly executed on their special day.

Let's shut up and let Sean explain why he loves this video:

It's no secret that I love house music and disco, and pretty much anything funky. I also love dogs, and am the proud owner of a puggle named Kobie. This song is a great high energy, disco based dance floor filler, and what's more is that the music video is about dogs having a good time. What more is there in life?

What more indeed, Sean, what more indeed.

Enjoy, folks!