Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to our weekly DJ Pick of the Week. This week's classic throwback comes courtesy Devin Alexander who many of you probably know as a champion of the turntables if you've had the pleasure of seeing Devin spin. Devin eats, sleeps and breathes DJing, and although we haven't been to his house, we can safely assume he sleeps next to his mixer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that in our humble opinion.

Devin's pick this week is one a lot of you will recognize, especially those of you who enjoy 90s old school hip-hop throwbacks. Who doesn't, right?

Devin tells us that whenever a wedding client mentions they like old school hip-hop, this track always goes to the top of the list as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

"I play this at almost every club gig and the place explodes...bottom line: THIS TUNE HAS STOOD THE TEST OF TIME!!"

Take it away, DJ Kool: