Van's son = pretty much one of the cutest kids ever

Welcome back to another exciting edition of DJ Pick of the Week featuring the tracks our DJs are digging at the moment!

This week's track was hand-picked by Van Petty. If you don't know Van (and really, you should), he's not only one heck of a wedding and corporate event DJ but a true musician at heart, fronting one of our area's funkiest, rockingest, off-the-hookest bands, the FunkMnkyz. A devoted husband and father, Van divides his time between his adorable family, music production and, of course, spinning awesome weddings for our equally awesome clients.

For his pick this week, Van decided to share a track that his clients and, more importantly, their guests have loved at weddings he's done lately.

About the song he says "It's a fun song to throw in the mix once you hit 120+ BPM and it mixes with Flo Rida - Good Feeling since Good Feeling uses the same sample: Etta James' 'Something's Got a Hold On Me.' You can also hear that same sample in Pretty Lights' 2006 song 'Finally Moving' - everyone loves it! Even when I don't play Good Feeling right after, it always builds the intensity of the crowd's energy."

Now, can we all agree that's what good music should do?

If you'll excuse us, we're going to wrap this up and go rock out in the office for a bit. We'll be back.