File this under: things you do not want to do at your wedding. One groom in the UK has been sentenced to six years in jail after setting fire to his reception venue over his bar bill.

According to SkyNews, property developer Max Kay got into an argument with staff at his reception venue on the night of his marriage at the historic Peckforton Castle Hotel after the venue refused to extend his bar tab. The trouble began when the venue threatened to cancel his reception booking three days before the wedding unless they received the £15,000 ($24,000 US) Kay owed them.

After his reception, Kay said he was going out for a cigarette and instead set fire to curtains in a drawing room of the 19th century historic building while his 100 guests - 11 of which were children - and bride were asleep in the hotel at around 4:30am. The drawing room had been set up for another wedding the following day. His bride and her family were sleeping directly above the burning room. Thankfully, no one was injured.