Welcome back once again to our DJ Pick of the Week! This time around, we got a favorite from Anthony Simpson. We're pretty sure every vendor we've ever had the pleasure of working with knows Anthony as a reliable, no-nonsense staple of the MyDeejay roster who has played just about every venue in town in the many years he's been with us. A die-hard Yankee fan (we don't hold that against him), Anthony's couples love working with him for a lot of reasons, one of which being his ability to deliver an amazing wedding reception experience for young and old alike! OK, we'll be quiet and let Anthony explain why he's feeling this tune!

I've been jamming out lately to Chuck Brown feat Jill Scott - Love. It's got that familiar go-go groove that hits close to home in DC, it's all about love so great to play at weddings, and (wait for it)... it's even got an underground line dance that's slowly making its way around! Such a fun jam!!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to find an official YouTube clip for this great song but if you click the underground line dance link above, you'll not only be able to hear the song but see this line dance to which Anthony refers. Enjoy!