While tornadoes made their way across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana last month and many in those areas are still cleaning up the mess, one Kentucky man is trying to reunite a wedding dress with its rightful owner. Jon Trapp was checking his fence line for damage after the March 2nd tornado ripped across his land when he picked up what he thought was a curtain lying out in the field. It was actually Trapp's son who helped his dad figure out the curtain was really a wedding dress.

"I go to house and then back to barn," said Trapp. "He's holding the dress up, still on the hanger, and asks 'What is this? Where did this come from?' That's when I realized it was a wedding dress, and I told him I just picked it out of the hay field."

"It came out of someone's house. Obviously, the house is not standing. It might bring joy to somebody to get something like that back," Trapp said.

How sweet! For more and to see the dress (it might be yours!), head to Cincinnati's WLWT.