Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration If you know anything about us, you know we're all about doing what we can to reduce our environmental impact. So any time we come across eco-friendly wedding inspiration, we just feel compelled to share. From gowns to rings to venues, Ruffled offers some tips on your wedding leaving a smaller carbon footprint! Pinterest for Photographers: A Guest Post by Lisa Devlin Love it or hate it, for this professional photographer, Pinterest is a free marketing and communication tool that she feels helps her do her job better.

Truly Engaged: Disconnecting to Stay Connected Have you been so consumed by wedding planning that you've completely forgotten about the person you're about to marry sitting right next to you? Intervention time, baby!

Friday Flowers: Lilacs Personally, I've always loved lilacs and miss the days of playing in my grandparents' yard with the giant lilac bush sending that sweet scent wafting through the air. Here are some gorgeous examples of lilac wedding flowers... anyone else out there a fan?