The other day, I saw a Knot post that shared how one couple used Twitter to have their guests tweet in lieu of writing in a guest book through an account set up specifically for that purpose. Seems like a really cute idea, yes? Well yes... until you actually see the tweets guests left. The Knot didn't link to the actual account but curious sort that I am, I looked up the account based on the photo The Knot posted. You can imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and read tweets like "No seriously, who farted?" and "Chanelle's sexy backside." Now, maybe the couple are professional comedians and find tweets like these entertaining but if it were me, I wouldn't want the Twitter account I set up for my wedding filled with sarcastic, inappropriate and possibly offensive tweets.

Presumably, the couple knew who they were inviting and therefore should have seen this coming. I know if I set up something similar at my wedding and invited 50 of my closest friends, it would be a non-stop sarcasmfest as we're all constantly trying to out-funny each other (I usually win). At some point during the evening, either the bride or groom tweeted "Wow, our wedding guests have little to no tact. lol" so maybe it wasn't that big of a deal to them. Personally I'd be upset and I consider myself unnaturally easy-going when it comes to things like this.

You have to wonder: would these same people leave comments like "OMG someone farted!" in the guest book had the couple gone the traditional route? Did the anonymity provided by a designated Twitter account inspire these rowdy guests to go wild?

So, before you say to yourself "oh what a cute idea!" and consider implementing something similar at your wedding, consider your guest list. I bet Grandma would leave you a nice tweet but she may have no idea what Twitter is or how to use it. Proceed cautiously here, some ideas are better in theory than actual application.