Every now and then, we get the opportunity to perform FOR wedding vendors we know and love from all around the area instead of simply working WITH them. In the case of Allison Barnhill's upcoming vow renewal, we're thrilled that Devin will be providing the soundtrack! Apparently Allison is too, writing up a fantastic post on her blog about her and her husband Tom's decision and why they went with Devin. Normally if a wedding vendor is interested in a particular DJ, it's because he or she worked with that DJ at another wedding and was impressed. In the case of Devin, though, it was actually a recommendation from one of Allison's own clients that got her interested in seeing if Devin would be the right fit for her renewal. After being initially impressed by Devin's bio (namely that he's a Redskins season ticket holder), their meeting went well and they went ahead with booking Devin. Yay!

Be it a fellow wedding vendor or a potential client who has never heard of us until coming across us on WeddingWire, we treat each event with the same level of care and concern. At the end of the day, we want our couples to feel confident that the DJ hand-picked to work with them is the best fit for their individual personalities, music tastes and needs.

As you'll see if you read Allison's interview with Jennifer, this commitment to a good match between clients and their DJ is one of the big things that differentiates us from other DJ companies out there. Bottom line: we want you to like your DJ. Like want to have a beer with him like him, not just tolerate him for the 6 hours he'll be performing your wedding.

If you're as excited about Allison and Tom's renewal as we are, you can follow the fun on the Allison Barnhill Designs blog!

We're so happy you chose Devin, Allison and Tom, and we can't wait to be a part of your renewal!