The Knot came out with a "cute" little "are you a Bridezilla?" quiz recently (go take it if you want, personally I'm not really a fan of the term "Bridezilla" and find it to be a bit of a slur in the wedding world) and one question deals with how a bride handles wedding music. Note that for this quiz, the first answer is the super-passive "I don't care" bride, the second is apparently the very reasonable, completely rational bride and the third answer is the bridezilla. Again, it's a mistake to assume someone is being any of these things simply because of a broad generalization based on behavior but let's put that aside and look at the question:

15. The DJ or band sends you a list of the songs they can play prior to your wedding. You take that list and: A) List the genres you're into and then tell the DJ or band to play a mix of those. B) Pick out the styles of music you and your fiance are into as well as a few must-play songs, give that to the DJ or band and relax. C) Create a specific playlist for the DJ or band that they have to follow to a tee.

Now, let's analyze this as the DJ company that we are. Sure there are DJs out there who only want to play September and Don't Stop Believing as your last dance and you just have to deal with it (of course we aren't that DJ company). On the other end of the spectrum, there are DJs out there who will let the couple put together a disastrous playlist that will almost guarantee an empty dance floor and not speak up, assuming the couple will get upset. In the middle of that, the DJ who lets the couple choose all the music they would like (within reason, obviously, since receptions are limited by time), makes some helpful suggestions and fills in the rest (that's us in case you didn't gather).

But what exactly is wrong with a couple having a very specific list of must plays? I see no issue with this, nor do our DJs. As said, we'll make helpful suggestions (like "that 18 minute remix of your favorite indie song is awesome BUT maybe cocktail hour would be a better time to play it") but if a couple wants to have a lot of control over their music, can you blame them? Does that automatically make them controlling? Of course not, and frankly I find it a little reckless of the Knot to imply as much.

Sure, it's just a silly quiz but I don't like this idea that anyone who dares exercise control over their own wedding is automatically a bridezilla. In fact, since we tend to deal with more grooms than other vendors (a lot of grooms love getting "find a good DJ" as their wedding planning job), are our grooms who like to have their say on the wedding music bridezillas too? NO, they're just into music. The term "bridezilla" is unnecessary, derogatory and, frankly, blown way out of proportion these days.

Can we all just agree that the whole "bridezilla" thing has gotten out of hand and bury the word already? Please?

Couples, take this to mean we hope you pick as much or as little music as you like (but like I mentioned, we might try to help you fit certain songs in at certain times - only because we want to keep your dance floor packed!) and don't worry about what the Knot thinks of you. Have fun!