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Looking at what our couples have requested their DJ wear to their wedding over the last year or so, we're seeing fewer tuxedos and many more requests to wear a simple suit. Does this mean Washington DC weddings are getting more casual or is it just a coincidence?

What will you wear to our wedding? is actually one of the 40 Questions to Ask a DJ you can find on our website. Here's our answer:

Most wedding DJs own, and are comfortable wearing, a tuxedo when they perform. If the groom will not be wearing a tuxedo, then it is inappropriate for the DJ to wear a tuxedo. You should also ask what type of tuxedo the DJ wears. Brands are unimportant (most tuxes look practically identical), but ask about the style of vest, cummerbund, and neckwear. Some DJs prefer a classic, understated look and others wear flashy, shimmering or patterned vests and matching bowties. It is important that the DJ’s “look” meets your expectations.

So we have to ask everyone - not just our couples - what are you having your DJ wear? Have you even thought about it? And for our fellow DJ friends out there, have you noticed your couples making more casual DJ wear choices lately too?