If you aren't familiar with our "In the Mix With..." series, we like picking the brain of Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC wedding vendors to find out how they got into the business, what they love about weddings and what they've learned from being in business. We also ask each and every one what they think is the worst song of all time. Just for fun, we thought we'd list out their answers for your listening enjoyment. Note we use the word "enjoyment" very loosely.

Sarah Eastman, Trip Me Not "Anything by Milli Vanilli" [Ed. note: the ladies of MyDeejay disagree wholeheartedly with this answer but we also respect other folks' music choices and will not say a word. Ba-ba-ba-ba-BABY! Don't forget my number!] Who knew there was an extended version of Girl You Know It's True?

Jess and Jess of Paired Images "The chicken dance song" Oh dear. This we can agree on (as can Sarah Hodzic of Blink Photography and Trisha Cranor of Working Brides who also listed it as the worst song ever). So when you're talking about one of the worst songs of all time, why not find the worst version of that song? Shake ya tailfeather, people!

Wendy Hickok of Hickok Photography "Anything heavy metal" Instead of picking a heavy metal song (your humble writer has to admit she's clueless on this genre), let's check out Death Metal Rooster.

Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events "For some reason, I really don’t like 'We Are Family' by Sister Sledge. I can’t explain why, but I really don’t care for that song!" No need to explain, Janice, we get it. The song is cute... almost too cute. Over 30 years later, it's still used at receptions, family reunions and sporting events but we aren't really sure why.

Kawania Wooten of Howerton + Wooten Events "I firmly believe that our words carry a great deal of energy. So, I consider the worst songs of all time to be songs that use the 'N Word' or the 'B Word.'" There's enough hate in this world without musicians perpetuating negative stereotypes so we pretty much agree with this but have to confess that Ludacris gets us to jam in gridlocked Beltway traffic every now and then. The clean version, of course. In our defense, we kinda love Mystikal, it's his fault.

Kate Headley of Kate Headley Photography "I’ve shot a lot of weddings this past year and I’m really tired of Oldies, like Sweet Caroline, that genre, sometimes it can really disperse the dance floor." Confession: your humble MyDeejay blog writer LOVES Neil Diamond. It's almost sick. That said, I would never want a Neil Diamond mix at my wedding. Not too long ago, we had a groom reach out to us who was so morally opposed to this song that he had to tell us not once, twice or even three times that under no circumstances were we to play this song. Thankfully our DJs are just as morally opposed to Neil Diamond as he was.

Katie Martin of Elegance & Simplicity "I hesitate to say this – as almost every wedding band and DJ plays this (at a bride’s request) – but I cannot stand Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ at a wedding. I like the song – but the lyrics are completely inappropriate for a wedding!!!!!"

Jennifer Cody of egomedia photography "Jen: Anything by Michael Bolton" OK, we'll dig this. Except THIS song by Michael Bolton. Totally not appropriate for weddings.

So... what's YOUR worst song ever?