First, let me qualify that headline by saying we have absolutely nothing against styled shoots. They're awesome. They're inspirational, pretty, fun to look at and probably a ton of fun for those involved. They can be a great way for wedding businesses to get the word out about their talents on top of it. Wedding blogs wouldn't be what they are without them and I think we can all agree that the visual aspect of the wedding blogosphere has completely changed weddings. But have they changed for the better? It seems like more and more couples are compelled to keep up with the latest trend (be it vintage, rustic chic or you name it). Sure there are the professional reporter couples who include a vintage typewriter on their guest book table to signify their shared love for the written word or the lifelong boat-loving couples who integrate cute nautical details into their Annapolis wedding to show off how much they love being on the water but it feels like we're getting lost in a sea of styled shoots. The bar gets higher and higher with each wedding, leaving couples buried under a pile of mason jars, vintage keys and bunting.

But what about the advice articles? Picking out centerpieces is one thing but since many people only get married once in their lives and have presumably never done it before, chances are many have no idea where to start. How do we get a marriage license? What local events should we take into consideration when picking a date? How can we get the best deal on wedding services? What is the proper etiquette for invitations if both the bride and groom's parents are helping to pay for the wedding? Do we need the same number of ushers and bridesmaids?

There are SO many details many couples do not even consider until they come across them. A planner can help answer the questions couples don't know to ask but for couples doing their own planning, how can you find what you need while sifting through hundreds of photos of ethereal brides standing in wildflower fields? Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with these shoots but I feel the wedding blogosphere has lost its way a bit. As much as couples need ideas for decor, so do they need real advice from professionals on how to pull off a perfect wedding.

We're here to educate and inform couples above all else. They need to know how to get married, and that includes not just the obvious like bouquets and bowties but the little details so many forget like how to put together a bridal emergency kit or get stains out of your dress or drink enough water to ensure beautiful skin for wedding photos. Can we please all agree that we need more good advice and fewer Pinterest-worthy details?

Rant over. Pin on, all, pin on.