>>>BEGIN TRANSMISSION<<< Over the years, we've been asked many times if we'll match another DJ's price. It's a completely understandable question in a market influenced by supply-and-demand, one in which customers are encouraged by countless websites and magazines to try to negotiate everything. Still, our answer to this question is always the same: no, we won't match someone else's price, and if someone typically more expensive is willing to match ours to beat us to a sale, so be it.

That being said, engaged couples would be smart to consider why a wedding vendor would suddenly and drastically reduce their rates to earn someone's business. Sure, a great deal can be tempting -- who doesn't like saving money? The real question, though, is this: what's the catch?

Because, really, there's always a catch.

Sometimes, the catch is something tangible. For example, the contract's fine print may give the vendor an "out" to pass your event on to someone else in case of an emergency (said "emergency" being a higher-dollar event that comes along for that day). Or perhaps that too-good-to-be-true rate doesn't include everything you need, which then means plenty of add-on charges later.

More often, though, the catch is something that may not affect you directly, but says a lot about a vendor who will be providing service to you on a monumentally important day. If someone is willing to slash their prices to book your wedding, that may be great for you; however, that also means countless other clients have been all but ripped off. They trusted that the higher price they paid was a true representation of the vendor's value, when the truth is, they just didn't haggle enough. And if a vendor is willing to artificially inflate their prices to milk more money only from certain clients, completely disregarding those clients' trust, what else will they disregard? Is that a gamble you're willing to take?

Pricing integrity requires sacrifice on the part of a vendor. It means sitting at home on a date that they could have been out there earning something. But committing to a fair market rate, and honoring that rate for all their clients, also means that vendor values trust, values honesty, and values all their clients equally. And on an event as important as your wedding, that has to mean something. Actually, it should mean everything.