DJ Sean Johnson shares with us his DJ Pick of the Week: Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" -- timeless, romantic, and a surefire hit with couples of all ages. Sean says, "This song ALWAYS works for getting everyone out to the dance floor as a slow song, and when you follow it with a great opener right at the end, people go crazy. Even when people don't want a lot of slow songs it works well, because it is only 3 minutes long, and by the halfway point, the last few couples are making their way to the floor, so it's a perfect way to transition into a high energy dance set." Here's Elvis' classic version, and below that, SEVEN bonus cover versions, from the awesome to the ridiculous. Happy Friday, everyone!

Ingrid Michaelson:


Lick the Tins:

Andrea Bocelli:

Richard Marx:

Corey Hart: