We get asked all the time how we’ve been able to amass so many outstanding reviews even as our team has grown to 15 DJs. A lot goes on behind the scenes here at MyDeejay to ensure that every client has a consistently outstanding experience, and one of the most important factors in our success has been the fact that we carefully match each client with a DJ based on shared music taste, personality, and any other preferences the client may have, such as the DJ’s age. We take the time to get to know our clients’ expectations before we suggest a DJ, and then the client always has the opportunity to speak with that DJ in detail before signing a contract.

Obviously, as a wedding date draws nearer, fewer DJs will be available. This is why versatility – the ability to mix all styles of music and adapt to different kinds of crowds – is so important, and it’s why we continually invest in our DJs’ training and education. We’ve also been known to steer prospective clients to other DJ companies if their needs are so specialized that our available DJs wouldn’t be the right fit. We’ve always said that we want every couple to have the DJ who’s right for them, even if that DJ doesn’t come from our company. In 2011, we produced a free eBook download called “Don’t Hire That DJ!” to help couples find the perfect DJ and avoid the ones who’ll be a bad fit.

Ready to be matched with the DJ who’ll be the right match for your wedding? Simply contact us and we’ll get the process started!