This week, we’re thrilled to spotlight another wedding professional we love: Anna Klimaszewska of Anna K Events! In addition to being a fabulous planner, Anna is also an accomplished dancer who works with couples to choreograph a truly memorable first dance! (As DJs, we can vouch for how special it is when the newlyweds surprise their guests by hitting the floor in style!) Ready to meet Anna? Here we go!

How can a choreographer enhance a couple’s first dance?

I think having a choreographed first dance is a great way to bring something unique to your wedding and let your personalities shine through the dance. Most couples will just do the typical sway back and forth for their first dance, which is fine if that’s what you want, but imagine how much more exciting and memorable it would be to come out and do a tango or a beautiful waltz. Believe me, your guests would be much more entertained and they’ll actually remember your first dance. And so will you.

What are the advantages to having a choreographed first dance, as opposed to just taking dance lessons?

Taking dance lessons is great, but you’ll just end up repeating the same dance steps over and over again, and it might not necessarily fit the music. With choreography, each step highlights the rhythm and mood of the song and you can tell a story through your dance. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but the right choreography can have a tremendous impact.

What are some of your favorite songs for first dances?

There are a million great songs out there, but I encourage people to try something different and unexpected. One of my favorite songs of all time, and one that I’ve actually seen a couple use for their first dance, is a tango called Por Una Cabeza. I get chills every time I hear it. You might recognize it from the movie Scent of a Woman, or True Lies. It’s something most people would recognize, but it’s not over-used as a first dance song.

Have you seen couples use choreography for other elements of the wedding besides the first dance?

I’ve seen couples do a traditional cultural dance as part of their celebration, which I think is great too. Bringing in cultural elements can be a great way to make the wedding reception more unique and representative of you as a couple.

Open mic, final thoughts:

I wanted to share with all of you two of my very favorite examples of amazing choreography (and believe me, I’ve seen a lot through the years). If this doesn’t get you excited about dancing, I don’t know what will. I’m not suggesting this as a wedding dance, but just wanted to show you what great choreography can do. It’s incredible and so fun to watch. The first video is a Paso Doble routine from two of the pros on Dancing with the Stars. It makes me want to run off to Spain immediately. There’s so much drama and passion, you just have to see for yourself.

The second dance is a samba, which I think is the most amazing rhythm ever invented. You just want to move to it. This video clip is from So You Think You Can Dance. Definitely not a wedding dance (you’ll see what I mean), but the choreography is incredible and fits the music so well.

Finally, thanks to Jennifer and MyDeejay for letting me share with you my two cents on first dances, and my passion for dancing in general. Hopefully this inspires some couples out there to put on their dancing shoes!

Thanks so much again, Anna, for taking the time to chat with us!